Jerome Liebling - Photographer, Filmmaker and Teacher

A Tribute to Jerome Liebling

October 19, 2006 – Museum of Television and Radio

A special tribute to Jerome Liebling, hosted by Ken Burns, will be part of the Museum of Television & Radio’s seventh annual documentary festival in New York City. The tribute to Liebling on October 19 at 7 p.m. will include a panel with Liebling, Burns (72F), Karen Goodman (72F), Roger Sherman (73S), Kirk Simon (72F), Buddy Squires (74F), Amy Stechler (73F), and other special guests.

In addition to his own creative work as one of the nation’s finest still photographers and as a filmmaker, Jerry Liebling, professor emeritus, is revered at Hampshire College as a teacher of film and photography. Many alums of Hampshire say he was directly responsible for their own highly successful careers in photography and film.

The panel at this event will pay tribute to the man whose classes helped his students “see” the photograph, ultimately changing the direction of the American documentary in the eighties and beyond. A special treat: not only will the panelists speak about their years at Hampshire College in the seventies, but they will also screen their student films made for Professor Liebling.

Thirty-one years after graduating from Hampshire, Ken Burns says, “I still feel his influence daily.” Burns describes Florentine Films, which is celebrating its own thirtieth anniversary this year, as born out of the idea of Hampshire Films, a program established by Liebling to enable his students to show their work to the community and view themselves as professional filmmakers even as students. “This is an extremely special event,” Burns said, “I would encourage everyone within the Hampshire community who can attend to go and celebrate Jerry’s remarkable career and his positive influence over so many of our lives, both personally and professionally.”

There are three easy ways to order tickets: online at ; by telephone at 212.621.6600 (dial 0 for operator) Monday through Friday from noon until 5 p.m.; or by visiting the Museum of Television & Radio (25 West 52 Street), where tickets for all events are available at the front desk.


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